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Linda Barbour

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Psychotherapist and Coach for people recovering from narcissistic, and other damaging relationships.

‘life changing’, ‘caring’, ‘gets amazing results’

Linda is a specialist in helping people to recover from narcissistic and other toxic relationships.  She understands the damaging nature of narcissistic relationships and identifies the roots of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs, that keep you stuck. Linda draws on her 25 years of experience and uses the latest methods to process trauma, build your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem, transforming the way you feel about yourself, your life, and other people. With these effective tools and strategies you can leave the past behind you, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Linda is described as ‘life changing’, ‘caring’ and ‘gets amazing results’ by her clients.

How I can help

Feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by your thoughts and feelings, keeps you stuck and confused, unable to see things clearly and able to move on with life, calmly and confidently.


Keeping on top of stress is an everyday activity. If you don’t take control of your anxiety it will control you.

Up to date research is showing how damaging long term stress is to your mental and physical health.


By using ground breaking techniques and learning the most effective tools, you can free yourself from the powerful emotions that have a negative impact on your health and happiness.


Your life is made up of all the choices and decisions you make (and don’t make) every day.

Once you see new alternatives available to you, you can make new decisions and going forward you will feel, think and do differently.

Learn how to move out of your uncomfortable comfort zone more easily, by taking small consistent steps and having a clear direction for yourself and your loved ones.

Be more assertive, and build strong, flexible boundaries.


When you get your unconscious ‘blocks’ out of the way, life becomes so much simpler. You get rid of the self doubt and overthinking that keep you confused and paralysed.

Learn who you are now. Understand what is important for you, create a plan, and get the focus you need to make the changes you want.

As you begin to see things more clearly, options open up for you, and making decisions becomes easier.


Get rid of, that critical voice in your head and stop the constant worry, doubts and overthinking.

Make the relationship you have with yourself a happy and peaceful one.

Deal with other people’s judgements of you and be free to be yourself.


Confidence is knowing that you can deal with whatever life throws your way.


Get rid of your limiting beliefs and resolve those inner conflicts to make confident decisions and take purposeful action.


Build your self-esteem, value and learn to trust yourself  and move forwards with ease.


Having purpose and meaning in your life is essential for your wellbeing.


What you contribute, through your work, to your family and wider community is a part of what makes you fulfilled and happy.


Find the balance in your life and learn what is appropriate to give, or stop giving, so that you feel good about yourself, appreciated and able to safe-guard your own energy. 

By the Lake

'Linda is fantastic and I highly recommend her if you are struggling with anything from stress, self doubt, shame or any form of crisis. She is helping me on a journey of re discovery and finding myself from past traumas. Thank you Linda'


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