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Meet Linda

I have been in practice as a Psychotherapist and Coach for more than 25 years and specialise in helping people to recover from damaging relationships.

It may be a partner, parent, sibling, colleague or friend who has affected you, in ways that you can’t make sense of yet, or maybe you do understand a lot about them, but still can’t move on and live your life free from the damaging scars that all types of toxic and narcissistic relationships leave inside you.

Even though you are no longer in the relationship/s, you live with them in your head, criticising you, destroying your confidence. Making you doubt yourself, feeling anxious and overthinking everything.

You may be feeling depressed, anxious and stressed, or be struggling with low self esteem or have something from your past that you need to resolve.


You may have difficult relationships with a partner, family member, work colleague or friend that is affecting you negatively.



Discover yourself, find balance in your life and feel the joy of being crystal clear about what you want, how you will achieve it and the strength of knowing that you can get out of your own way…….


…………….there will be no stopping you.

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"Described as ‘life changing’, ‘caring’ and ‘gets amazing results’ by her clients. By revealing the roots of unhelpful thoughts, feelings and limiting beliefs, that keep you stuck, and by using the latest methods to process trauma, build your self-confidence and boost your self-esteem, Linda transforms the way you feel about yourself, your life, and other people. With effective tools and strategies you can leave the past behind you, enjoy the present and look forward to the future. Specialist in recovery from narcissistic and other toxic relationships."


Due to my 30 years of experience my clients find that I can identify the core issues very quickly.  This means my clients usually only need 6 sessions.

Sessions are £70, packages are available.

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Let’s Work Together

Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

Tel: 07795311354

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