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Divorce Counselling

Going through a divorce can be a difficult and overwhelming experience.
That's why I offer specialist support to guide you through the process and help you navigate the challenges along the way.
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Specialist support 

The emotional toll divorce takes is often overwhelming, leaving you feeling lost, angry, hurt, and uncertain about the future.

I know. I have been there myself and I have also helped many others navigate this difficult time.

By getting the right support as you go through, what can sometimes be a traumatic divorce process, you can emerge feeling confident, able to put the past behind you, and ready to create a new happy life.

I've got you

Divorce can be extremely emotionally and physically draining.

Everything changes.

Daily routines are thrown into turmoil. You are trying to stay strong, manage your finances, and juggle work and the demands of keeping a home and family life together.

On top of all that, you have the added pressure of emotionally triggering legal proceedings.

These can be long drawn out, acrimonious affairs, where you are faced with a barrage of important decisions, that will determine your financial future - all at a time when you are at your lowest.

Friends and family may do their best to be there for you, but, you don’t want to keep burdening them, or you feel stuck going over and over the same stuff in your head and stuck in a vicious circle.

Talking to a professional is different.

Talking to a professional is a different experience. It's having someone to confide in, someone who will not judge you but guide you, while you process your thoughts and feelings. This can make a huge difference.

Divorce is a difficult experience that can provoke intense emotions. You may feel anger, fear, stress, anxiety, betrayal, grief, and a profound sense of sadness that can be overwhelming. These emotions can prevent you from making clear decisions that are in the best interest of you and your children.

I’ll equip you with practical tools and techniques to manage unhelpful thoughts and feelings that get in your way and help you deal with day-to-day stresses more easily and effectively.

Going through a relationship breakdown can be tough, but by working through the issues and processing any trauma, you can gain clarity and start feeling better quickly. This will enable you to move forward, make sound decisions, and be happy and confident in your future choices.

Sitting by the Lake
Explore your inner strengths and unlock your resilience.

My goal during our time working together is that you rebuild any lost self-confidence and rekindle a positive self-image.

Past clients have described working with me as ’ life-changing’ and I hope you will find that too.  We’ll explore your goals and aspirations and focus on you feeling in control of your life.

If needed, we can address the complexities of post-divorce relationships, whether with children, family, or new potential partners. You may wish to explore making healthy boundaries or how to communicate effectively with your ex, especially if you are co-parenting.

Don’t face the challenges of divorce alone. Reach out today to start your journey towards healing and a brighter future.

Effective and tailored support

Whatever you need, I am here to listen to you, support you, and provide practical advice. My aim is to empower you to heal, grow, and move forward with your life.

Sometimes, it is only when you have left someone and are in the throes of a divorce that you realise how controlling, abusive, or narcissistic your partner was.


I have specialist skills and knowledge to help you deal with the trauma these relationships cause and help you develop new healthier relationships both, with yourself and others, free from their toxic influence.

I provide a customized approach that takes into account your unique needs and circumstances. My approach is focused on future outcomes. With 25 years of supporting divorcee's and access to current expertise, I will assist you throughout your divorce process so that you can come out of it with a positive outlook and readiness to embrace the next chapter of your life with optimism and confidence.

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Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

Tel: 07795311354

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